Update: My Cruelty Free Beauty and Capsule Wardrobe Journey

Hello! Over the years I’ve jumped in and out of this blog and am returning with a renewed focus on less is more.

I accumulated a lot of makeup products when I first started this blog and recently decluttered most of them as they were old and/or not used. I only finished a handful of products during that time. I want to change that. I want to use the beautiful products I have and finish them. I want to stop wasting products (and money). I recently reorganised my makeup collection and it now fits nicely into one organiser on my vanity where I can see it all. If I ever go beyond this organiser then I know I have too much. Right now I’m focusing on using the beautiful products I already have.

My wardrobe has also changed a lot since starting this blog. At the beginning I was very focused on capsule wardrobes and keeping only a small(ish) number of clothes out for each season. I then went through a strong op-shop or charity shopping phase, which was great from a sustainability and financial point of view, but probably meant I bought more than I needed. Over the last year or so I’ve found my style changing, which has meant decluttering more but also buying more to reflect my changing style. This year I really want to focus on loving what I have and making it work for me. My capsule wardrobes are bigger now, but then there’s less changing between season.

So that’s been my journey from when I started this blog oh so many years ago to now. I hope you’ll join me as I focus on loving what I have, styling clothes differently, using my makeup up and continuing to learn about cruelty free beauty and sustainable fashion. So if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, feel free to subscribe to keep posted or come find me on Instagram where I share more.

Christina xo

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