Shop my wardrobe – what I’m excited to wear this Autumn

I love shopping my own wardrobe – rediscovering old favourites, putting together new combinations of new and old, enjoying wearing my most loved items and appreciating the clothes I already own.

We’re coming into Autumn here in Australia and I’m excited to start wearing jeans and comfy jumpers and cardigans again. I’m in a hybrid state of work from home and going into the office, but I’m still predominantly wearing more comfortable, casual clothes than before.

I’m so excited to break out my black skinny jeans and cream jeans as the base to most of my outfits. I just find myself reaching for them more over blue jeans. A newer item in my wardrobe is this collared navy cardigan. It has such beautiful cream button and pocket details. I’m super excited to start wearing. And an oldie, but a goodie, this cream buttoned, collared shirt. It goes with everything and just hangs really well on the body.

For more casual or work from home days, this cream and white chunky cardigan is perfect. It’s so beautiful and unique with the different knits and colour blocking. And two much older items that I’ve shopped from my wardrobe are these black trackpants and green waffle jumper. The trackpants are fleece lined, but have a slimmer fit, so I can wear them outside if necessary, such as walking to the local coffee shop. If I could, I would probably try and wear this waffle jumper everyday. It’s such a gorgeous, muddy, grey, green in the perfect oversized fit.

So they’re the items I’ve shopped from my wardrobe for Autumn and am very excited to start wearing! What are you excited to wear from your own wardrobe this Autumn? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading, Christina xo

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