2019 Project Pan – Makeup

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I write about cruelty free makeup, skincare and haircare, as well as ethical/slow fashion and capsule wardrobes. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you stay and read some of my other posts. Today I will be starting my 2019 Project Pan which will be focusing on makeup. I like the … Continue reading 2019 Project Pan – Makeup


Summer 10 x 10 Challenge – Capsule Wardrobe

Hello! I love the idea of the 10 x 10 challenge - where you pick out 10 items of clothing and mix and match them over 10 days. However, last time I tried this challenge I failed miserably. I'm hoping to redeem myself in this challenge. I think it will be easier because we are … Continue reading Summer 10 x 10 Challenge – Capsule Wardrobe