Cruelty Free Empties – Pt 2 Hair

Good morning! Let's jump straight into part 2 of my cruelty free empties - hair! I went through two bottles of my favourite shampoo, the Organic Care Scalp Care conditioning shampoo. I do get a very itchy and dry scalp sometimes, glamorous I know, and this is a reliable shampoo. It helps ease the dryness … Continue reading Cruelty Free Empties – Pt 2 Hair

Project Pan 2 Conclusion

Hello! 3 months are up and so concludes my second Project Pan. I was definitely more successful this time around, but still was unable to finish everything. This is what I started with. This is what I finished with. As you can see I completely finished two of the products: my Yard Body Therapy Body … Continue reading Project Pan 2 Conclusion