10balm Indeed Labs – Product Review

The 10 balm by Indeed Labs has quickly become one of my favourite moisturisers. It seems like such a simple moisturiser but feels super nourishing and calming. It's designed to soothe and heal sensitive skin, and I have to agree, I do feel like it does that. It's free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, fragrance, colourants, … Continue reading 10balm Indeed Labs – Product Review

Current Favourites – Cruelty Free

Hello! Apologies for the absence - life has been crazy - but fantastic. And during these crazy but fantastic times, I have found a few products that I have really been enjoying using, including two brilliant skincare products. Let's start with the two skincare products - they are both moisturisers from Indeed Labs - the … Continue reading Current Favourites – Cruelty Free